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Mr. January: Jitters "Jittery" Kitty

Jitters' action shots

Jitters The brave Captain Jitters The brave Captain Jitters The brave Captain Jitters

The brave Captain Jitters

Mr. Jitters was born in 2009 on Februrary 1st along with his brother "Justus" (See Mr. February). They were rescued and fostered by the wonderful Long Beach Felines. They had a brother Jedi who was first adopted by a family with a dog. In May of that year Cushzilla shop owners Leah And Hiroshi found them on "Petfinder.com" and offered to be their kitty parents.

Jitters was given his name by the rescue because even though he's an intrepid and brave soul, truth-be-told he's also pretty jittery.

Jitters loves investigating boxes, jumping into boxes, sitting in boxes while having the box pushed across the floor, and being flown around the house like an aeroplane pilot while he sits inside a box.

Jitters purrs loudly when he sees his family, and when he sees food. Jitters loves crunchies, and wet food and boneless raw chicken. Raw chicken makes Jitters so happy he occasionally feels the need to stretch up and tap his human's bum as he waits for the cutting to be done. Jitters is a very swift eater and always finishes his food first which has led to Justus insisting on eating in another room by himself.

Jitters likes to be told he's a good boy and somehow learned to go to the litter box on command. Well, not command, exactly, more like when people go to clean the box.

Mild Jitters doesn't scratch anything but a post, ever, and thinks cat wigs are funny mice to be thrown around the house. He hates the car with a passion and fury.

Mr. February: Justus "The Derp"

Justus' action shots

Justus Justus Justus Justus


Justus the Magnificent is a cat with a very very fluffy bottom and a silly sense of humor. He likes to run around the house trilling and doing upsidedown cartwheel back-flips after launching off a tiny scratching post he's had since he was a kitten.

One of Justus' favorite games is to run up to the top of his larger scratching posts, then yell to make sure everybody in the room tells him how awesome his post climbing skills are. He also enjoys "walking" (pawing like he's moon walking, without using claws) the TV screen if his person is watching trashy television. (Hell's Kitchen; he HATES Gordon Ramsay.)

Justus is a lap kitty, more interested in laps than food, but he is absolutely wild for cantaloupe which is now called "kitty melon" in our household.

Justus likes to climb on things but pretends like he never climbs on the kitchen counters because climbing on counters is frowned upon. Though I've never witnessed an infraction of the rules personally, the long kitty hair on the drying rack leaves me with my suspicions.

While generally mild, he has a sworn enemy; Crows. Even though he's an inside kitty, if he hears crows cawing outside or on the Television, he'll go nuts trying to find them.

Justus, like Jitters, is an intrepid spider and moth pointer kitty; If they see a spider or moth they will alert us and ask that we do something about it. Since none of us will really kill bugs, we all just sit around watching the bug until it goes away on its own. The spiders in our household tend to flourish unmolested.

Miss March: Puppy Wilson

Puppy's action shots

Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy


Puppy is a 5 year old miniature dachshund.

She's "the OG" dachshund that lead to 6 different people getting a dachshund of their own. Despite being the smallest of them all she has a no-nonsense attitude, regulates on unauthorized play, and makes sure she's always got the prime spot in your lap.

A few of her names are: Bubba Stumps, Sausage, Wiener, Bird-Dog, Red-Dog, Kitty, Pig-Pig, Hell-Puppy (like Hell Boy), Muppet, and Princess Paw.

Puppy grew up wearing clothes because she's an avid camper with a lack of fat or fur. This made her the go-to girl for Cushzilla and she's loving the attention and taking her job very seriously!

Puppy has also appeared in other productions including this scene stealing cameo in this video for Lion Office Products

The paintings behind Puppy in some of the photos are painted by her mom, so you know she's a dog with taste.

Puppy is extremely well behaved when she comes to the office. The only time there's a problem is when Puppy's sworn enemy, the UPS truck and / or driver dare to come close to our building. As we are an online shop with a warehouse, this generally happens about 2 times a day. Thanks to Puppy's vigilance, however, the always friendly and professional UPS man knows to be on even better behavior.

Ms. April: Olive Wilson

Olive's action shots

olive olive olive olive


Olive is 3 years old. She is Puppy's cousin.

Olive is a little derpy; more heart than brain.

She spends most days raging a battle against the poodles on the other side of her fence.

One day she went missing. Olive's grandma was in a panic and plastered the neighborhood with lost dog posters while crying.

Just when all hope was lost, Olive emerged from the coat closet as if she never heard her family's panicked cries.

She also likes it under the bed where she hides a collection of toys.

We can't discipline Olive because she has mastered the puppy-dog eyes like a true Jedi. Her mind tricks are unmatched and her love is infectious.

Olive's not really that fond of clothes and fashion, but on the day of the photo shoot she was all about modeling. Except when she was all about trying to steal lap pole-position away from her cousin Puppy. TWO DOGS ENTER, ONE DOG LEAVES: IT'S PUPPY DOME!!

Miss May: Petunia

Petunia's action shots

petunia petunia petunia petunia


Petunia lives in the house across from Justus and Jitters.

Petunia Hermoine Barrington Smythe (Born July 11, 2004) is widely regarded as one of the most talented cat actress/models of all time. (Astrological Sign *Cancer*) Years active in the biz, 7

Petunia started her modeling/acting career early on (when Hollywood came calling) and made her film debut in the Independent Film, "Feline Fatalle"-committing to doing her own stunts even against the advice of the Director. Born and raised in Redondo Beach, Petunia has not let fame rule her life and likes to 'keep it fur real'.

Willing to finally share her coveted beauty secrets; Petunia admits to never drinking "Tap" water, always replenishing her thirst with vapor distilled water with added electrolytes. Her diet always consists of real whole foods from regional local growers and admits a penchant for Quail, Alaskan Salmon and Wild Cod. Petunia hopes to use her fame to bring awareness to all animals so they too can strive to eat foods that contain no ingredients from China no foods, no vitamins, no minerals.

Petunia stays true to her inner kitten and follows no doctrine. Petunia does not belong to a church, temple, synagogue or even an ashram. But Petunia does have a strong sense of trying to make things better, even if it takes 9 lives.

Mr. June: Spencer Reid

Spencer's action shots

Spencer Spencer Spencer Spencer


Spencer is named after Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds and like his namesake, he is a true stud muffin.

The secret to his good looks is the fact that his momma is a professional dog groomer. A really really good one with a cool and successful business.

If you're in the Redondo Beach area, look her up and call her on over! Her website's here Dirty Pup Patrol. She's so good at her work everybody overlooks her font choices.

People stop Spencer on the street because they think he looks like Falcor (of The Neverending Story). A tiny tiny Falcor.

He cries like a banshee when he sees electric toy cars, howls at full moons, and won't cuddle with his mom unless he's forced to, which is often.

He answers to several monikers, including: Worm, Sheriff Spence, and Teddy.

Mr. July: Wire

Wire's action shots

wire wire wire wire


Wire is a wonderfully cute dog who lives near our office.

I first met Wire when I was walking to work and he ran across the street to inform me that he had treed a squirrel in the park.

When we first started shooting the Cushzilla wigs we were still missing a mid size model there was a discussion in our office about "the amazingly cute white dog" that we'd all seen going on walkies near the office, and generally wishing that he'd be our medium size model.

On the day of Puppy and Olive's photo shoot, Wire and his owner and his new friend, the littler white dog, happened to walk by our office window.

I ran out into the street barefoot like a maniac with a camera swinging around my neck and flagged down Wire's owner and asked if he could model for us.

On Wire's modelling day we walked around our neighborhood taking photos of Wire in Cushzilla wigs. One of the local eateries recognized Wire and gave him a doggie biscuit and then got mad at us for putting a girl wig on him BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE DOG'S MOST WORRIED ABOUT, THAT PEOPLE WILL THINK HE'S A GIRL DOG AND NOT THE FACT THAT HE NOW HAS A WIG ON HIS LITTLE DOGGIE HEAD. Having said that, the wigs and hat didn't seem to bother him at all.

A generally very quiet dog, Wire does, however, sing along with sirens, a trick we didn't know he had until we were outside shooting. We almost died from the cuteness of it. "Arooooo~~ Aroooooooooooooooo~~" said Wire the siren dog when the fire engines went by. Arooooo~~

Have a ridiculously photogenic pet? Models wanted.

Will your cat work for treats? Your dog for biscuits?

If so, we can afford to pay them!!

If you're ok with getting a pet here who won't be traumatized by the experience or if you can take awesome and relatively unblurry photos of your cat in a wig (THIS IS A LOT HARDER THAN IT SOUNDS. SERIOUSLY. ALSO, YOU'LL LAUGH SO HARD DOING IT YOU'LL BE SHAKING TOO.) or great shots of your tiny dog as a tiger, WE NEED YOU!

We then ask for the rights to use the photo in perpetuity and such, and pay you nothing but doggie treats or kitty treats!

If there's a reason that that doesn't sound like a horribly bad deal to you and you and your ridiculously photogenic pet are up for it, please contact us here.