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Cushzilla Pet Wigs: Cat Coiffures and Canine Costumes

Pet wigs from Cushzilla
Pupperazzi hounding you? We've got your pet's head covered!
Cushzilla sells a line of fine pet wigs; cat wigs, dog wigs, and cat & dog couture costumes.
More photos below!

Why are we trying to #HissyThatWalk? Mostly to get visibility for some amazing rescues and the pets they try to find forever homes for. Also for fun special occasion photo-ops with pets. Maybe to get dressed up for Halloween or enter a dog parade or cat parade if those even exist.
Cat parades. Ahahahaha! Yeah right. The parade in which all the cats put on cat wigs and cat neckties and then run under the couch and hide.
So let's maybe nix the whole "Cat Parade" idea and stick to maybe really cute cat family photos and stuff.