Marilyn Monroe Wig for Dogs an Cats

Cushzilla Gentlemen Prefer Blonde Wig for Cats & Dogs

Style#: CZ003674
Brand: Cushzilla

Name: Cushzilla Gentlemen Prefer Blonde Wig for Cats & Dogs

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Marilyn Monroe Cat Wig or Dog Wig
Marilyn Monroe Cat Wig or Dog Wig
Marilyn Monroe Cat Wig or Dog Wig
Marilyn Monroe Cat Wig or Dog Wig
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About our Cushzilla Gentlemen Prefer Blonde Wig for Cats & Dogs

The perfect wig for your pet's Blonde Ambition! This lightly curled pet wig by Cushzilla was inspired by Miss Marilyn Monroe and has two holes on the top specially sized for your pet's ears. A strap that attaches under the chin holds it in place and is adjustable for a custom fit. With two sizes available, and the adjustable strap, these pet wigs will fit a range of sizes comfortably.

**Your cat may question our use of the word "comfortable" as most cats feel wigs belong in their mouth not on their heads. We're confident that you'll come to an agreement, at least long enough for a picture. Unlike cats, most dogs have not come to the conclusion that their intellect is greater than yours, and you will find them more easily persuaded.

Is your accountant or partner going to question this expense?

We've created a convenient list so you can say, "NO I am NOT spending $40.00 on a PET WIG that I will only use ONCE to take stupid pictures. I have AT LEAST 10 different costume options, which means if I ONLY used this on Halloween, I would be set for a DECADE!"

Marilyn Monroe
Dolly Parton
Anna Nicole
Goldie Hawn
Farrah Fawcett
Mary Kay Cosmetics Lady
Tammy Faye Baker
Miss Piggy

Is this thing really going to last very long?

If your cat eats it, no. But if you use it as intended, under supervision, it should last a very long time. This is the reason that our wigs are pricey; they are very, very well made and with care will last a long time.

Customer Action Shots!

If you have a photo of your ridiculously photogenic pet in this wig/costume that you want us to include here,
Please contact us and let us know the url of the image we should download and use.

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