Cat Prin Cow Costume for Cats & Dogs

Happy Cow Costume for Cats & Dogs from Cushzilla

Style#: CZ003716
Brand: Cat Prin for Cushzilla

Name: Happy Cow Costume for Cats & Dogs from Cushzilla

Made in: Japan

Pattern: Cow Dog Costume - Cow Cat Costume

Neck Circumference:
27cm (11 inch)
Headpiece Opening:
7cm (3 inch)

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Price: $88.00


Cow Costume for Dogs and Cats
Cow Costume for Dogs and Cats
Cow Costume for Dogs and Cats
Cow Costume for Dogs and Cats
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About our Happy Cow Costume for Cats & Dogs from Cushzilla

Cow Costumes for Cat or Dog: This one's for you Patty!

Happy Cows don't come from California, they come from Japan (but then they get shipped to us In California)! And you're going to be one Laughing Cow when you look at your little kitty (or dog) dressed up in this pet costume! But obscure cow references aside, it's one of the most adorable costumes ever.

This little Bessie Bonnet is lined with a silky pink textured fabric that matches the ears, and it's topped with yellow felt horns. A plush collar with a shiny red bow completes the ensemble and closes with velcro behind the red bow. The detail and quality are incredible. It's like Cosplay costume quality, versus itchy grocery store Halloween costumes. That might not mean something to everyone, but some of you will know what we're talking about.

Our fabulous dress up clothes and costumes for cats and dogs are handmade by Cat Prin, the Japanese Tailor for Cats (and little dogs!). They're something of a collector's item and we're just proud to offer them in the US.

The width of the bonnet strap is about 27 cm (10.25 inches) and the opening for the face is approximately 7 cm (almost 3 inches).

This set includes the headpiece and the collar.

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