Cat Prin Pilot Dog Hat for Pilot Dog Costume

Pilot Hat for Dogs - Captain Dog Hat in SMALL from Cushzilla

Style#: CZ003729
Brand: Cat Prin for Cushzilla

Name: Pilot Hat for Dogs - Captain Dog Hat in SMALL from Cushzilla

Made in: Japan

Pattern: Dog Pilot Hat

Neck Circumference:
32cm (13 inch)

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SMALL Pilot Hat for Dog
SMALL Pilot Hat for Dog
SMALL Pilot Hat for Dog
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About our Pilot Hat for Dogs - Captain Dog Hat in SMALL from Cushzilla

Captain Dog says, "I don't even know what I'm doing" in his navy blue captain's hat for small to medium dogs.

We offer an identical hat but with different straps for cats, and we also have one size smaller that can be used for small cats and toy dogs. This pilot dog hat is different from the Captain Kitty hat because it has special straps that create a triangle around the dog's ears and help keep the hat in place (see photo of inside of hat). This sort of thing works great for most dog ears, but isn't suited for a cat's ears.

These pilot hands (as well as the matching costumes that are SOLD SEPARATELY) are handmade in Japan. An unbelievable amount of care goes into making each one perfect. Beads slide along the straps to help offer a comfortable but secure fit; the patch on the front is sewn from a metallic gold thread with red and white accents; and the inside even has a support strap that keeps the hat standing up.

Should fit pets with a head circumference of about 32cm (12.5 inches) and under. This is the MAXIMUM width of the strap. For a comfy fit make sure your pet's head is under that measurement with wiggle room to spare! The strap has a sliding bead to tighten it.

READ THIS: the hat and shirt are sold separately.
This is the HAT ONLY folks! We understand that they are expensive on their own and very expensive as a set, but these are not factory-made. They're handmade and imported from Japan; created by none other than Cat Prin, the Japanese Tailor for Cats (and dogs).

Dog breeds are shaped differently. We cannot be responsible for how this item fits each breed. All we can do is measure the product in every way we see possible and let you decide what to do with that information. If you're not certain something will fit, or have a specific size question, call us so we can help.

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Please contact us and let us know the url of the image we should download and use.

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