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Cushzilla presents: A Very Cushi Love Story

Perfect for Bride's Maids
Spare your bridesmaids the cost of a dress they'll hate and only wear once.
As an added bonus, Cushzillas fit all heights and body styles so nobody feels self-conscious!
Big boned or small breasted? No problem in a Cushzilla because you CAN'T TELL!. Your friends will love you for it!

So hard not to live the Cushi life


To have and to hold, in cushi times and hard times, for better for worse, for richer and sillier, we wish you guys a brilliant future.

Remember that Cushzillas come in children's sizes. We hope a year or so from now that will be helpful information. :)

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Human costume kigurumi will no longer be sold from this site or under the Cushzilla name. Cushzilla kigurumi are over, Cushzilla has moved on to new and different products. If you'd like to buy a kigurumi costume from any of the companies now selling them in the U.S., we won't direct you to any specific kigurumi maker, just google "Kigurumi" and order one in the style you like!