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Cushzilla: Teen Couture

Cushzilla For Casual Fridays
It's not easy being fierce, but Teen Couture has never been easier. In the catwalk of your school hallway, nothing is sexier than a cushi, cozy Cushzilla. The comfort of a snuggie but hot, the softness of a blanket, and the cuteness of a onesie.

So hard not to live the Cushi life

Are you ready to Cushi?

Peer pressure. Homework. Backstabbing best friends. Allowance cuts and blatant younger sibling favoritism. We know your teen life isn't just a bowl of cherries. We'd like to offer the warm and snuggly goodness of our Cushzillas to you and your soon to be Cushi posse.

Because we think that even if life's hard, your clothes shouldn't be.

So hard not to live the Cushi life

Your parents would probably hate it if you wore a Cushi to school or the mall or on that family vacation they're making you take with them. Or in your Family Photos.

Sure, some of your friends want to dress like sluts. It gets them attention, it makes people notice. Trump those useless imagination lacking [WORD DELETED] young ladies, and be all Cushi too.

Kick the competition out of the way. Just don't lift your leg too high because it's not really possible in your Cushzilla.

So hard not to live the Cushi life

Pierced nose? Check. Pink hair? Check. You frighten and confuse your parents, and we'd like to help do our part.

cushigrl16: omg nadia was in the restrooom & her jeans were all on the tile

CuShZiLLa1995: TMI!

cushigrl16: lol she is so not ready to be cushi!

cushigrl16: omg can u imgn?

CuShZiLLa1995: OMFG

CuShZiLLa1995: PBB, BRB

CuShZiLLa1995: Meet me @ *$9?

cushigrl16: ok! bffl!

CuShZiLLa1995: SYS! < 3

cushigrl16: l8r! xoxo!!! l8r! xoxo!!!

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Human costume kigurumi will no longer be sold from this site or under the Cushzilla name. Cushzilla kigurumi are over, Cushzilla has moved on to new and different products. If you'd like to buy a kigurumi costume from any of the companies now selling them in the U.S., we won't direct you to any specific kigurumi maker, just google "Kigurumi" and order one in the style you like!