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Cushzilla vs. Bridezilla

Cushzilla vs. Bridezilla
If you're going to behave like a monster, why not dress up as one?
Leave no doubts; you ARE bridezilla and everyone best do as you say, or else.


It's YOUR day

You've spent endless sweaty hours at the gym, and you havent had anything sweet for 4 months. You've even given up those apple martinis you love so much. You've waxed and plucked and buffed and puffed yourself into a shining example of womanhood. You have invited people you hate, you've spent all your savings, and you have displayed superhuman feats of strength when it came to not fighting with your inlaws.

Make no mistakes; today is YOUR day, you've earned it.
And for some reason, you're going to celebrate by doing things you'd never do sober. And yes, we do judge you just a little for that. But heck.

Bridezilla party it UP, we're here to cushion the blow of the photos your BFFs took last night watching the oily guys on the stage do things you'd be better off not committing to memory.

Go you. WooWoo!

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Human costume kigurumi will no longer be sold from this site or under the Cushzilla name. Cushzilla kigurumi are over, Cushzilla has moved on to new and different products. If you'd like to buy a kigurumi costume from any of the companies now selling them in the U.S., we won't direct you to any specific kigurumi maker, just google "Kigurumi" and order one in the style you like!